TASC Fails to Protect Consumers, Regulators Take Notice

TASC Fails to Protect Consumers

Today TASC issued a statement claiming that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s proposed Bill HB 4781 would hurt consumers.  I agree that there might be a little validity to that statement in a sense that regulating specific fees on what companies can charge can be a very slippery slope and many times will not solve the problem it was intended to solve. However, I believe that Madigan and other AG’s proposing similar legislation are doing what they feel is best […] Read more »

TASC – Just Another Marketing Gimmick

Debt Settlement Salesman

“If you tell a lie that’s big enough, and you tell it often enough, people will believe you are telling the truth, even when what you are saying is total crap.” – Richard Belzer This is the 4th in a series of 5 articles aimed at educating consumers on what I believe to be the true motivations behind The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC).  If you have read my previous 3 articles, you have likely come to the same conclusion […] Read more »

TARF – The Association of Red Foxes


As an aside to the 5 part series that I am writing on the Association of Settlement Companies, I wanted to provide a simple way to understand the thinking behind the formation of TASC, as I see it. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain interwoven thought processes in the confines of a 1000 word article. Hopefully this will help consumers understand why (in my opinion) TASC currently has nothing to do with legitimately protecting consumers and everything to do […] Read more »

TASC – Debt Settlement Lobby or Protector of the People?

Debt Settlement Advocate

We have now established that TASC is first and foremost a trade organization for the Debt Settlement industry and its number one goal is the protection of its own TASC Debt Settlement member companies.  In this article we will examine whether or not TASC can protect consumers at the same time it is busy lobbying to protect its members. I believe the answer to this question is that Yes, they can protect consumers, however, they fail miserably. TASC claims to […] Read more »

The Association of Settlement Companies – TASC – An Introduction

Tasc - The Association of Settlement Companies

One might wonder what is motivating me to write a series of posts dedicated to The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC).  I must confess that it is in part for the selfish reason of saving myself some time.  One of the core principles behind the founding of Damon Day and Associates was to first and foremost educate consumers, by providing honest and straightforward financial advice as it relates to all of the options available for getting out of debt. At least […] Read more »

TASC – The Association of Settlement Companies – A Closer Look

Tasc Exposed

I started writing this article a number of months ago and it has sat collecting digital dust until some recent events at the FTC caused me to pick it back up. My intent is to provide a perspective on a Debt Settlement industry organization known as The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC). I will tell you right up front that my perspective will be very different than the one you will get from a salesman of a TASC member company. […] Read more »