Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Review – Secret Business Plan Exposed

Legal Helpers will take your shorts

After listening to and reading about countless stories from unhappy former clients of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, reviewing their contract myself, and observing the process they put their clients through, I have formed a personal opinion about the business model of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and in past articles I have not been shy about my complaints. Judging from the news of late, some regulators and Attorneys General seem to share my opinion of the Legal Helpers Business Plan as […] Read more »

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Sued in 30 Page Complaint Filed by Illinois AG

Legal Helpers creates storm for consumers

Legal Helpers It is nice to see regulators on several fronts stepping up the pressure on Legal Helpers and taking action against programs that I have been warning consumers about for quite a long time. Click the video player to watch to the news story and hear some of the allegations of the Illinois Attorney General. Among other things, it is alleged that…   1.      Legal Helpers Debt Resolution contracts out virtually all debt relief services to a third party […] Read more »

You Might Be a Loopholer if…

Debt Network USA

If anyone ever doubted that desperation breeds creativity, all one has to do is look at the creative, right brained thinking going on in the debt settlement industry.  Today is October 27th, 2010 and it marks the beginning of the end for most debt settlement companies as their ponzi scheme business models have now been regulated away. However, not all of them are content to slink away silently into the night.  This new law has spawned a new breed of […] Read more »