If someone doesn’t want you to get a 2nd opinion, You Better Get One

Debt Settlement Sales People are so predictable

I was listening to the Ric Edelman podcast this evening and a caller came on the line and mentioned he had met with a financial planner and was told that he should use annuities and life insurance products as a vehicle to sort of shelter some money in a way that would be more favorable for his son to qualify for financial aid when he went to college.  In a much more artful way than I would have said it, […] Read more »

Excuse Me – I’m Calling Bullshit

Debt settlement bullshit

After months of debate, mostly with myself, I have decided to start a new series on my blog entitled “Excuse me, I’m calling Bullshit!” Professional?  Not really.  Effective? I really hope so. Every day I sit at my desk and read mountains of articles, press releases, ads, websites, all designed to target cash strapped, emotionally drained consumers just looking for honest help with their financial situations.  Most of this stuff is just total, well, Bullshit! I am sick and tired […] Read more »