How to find the Best Debt Settlement Company for you.

A question that I am asked quite often is, “who is the best debt settlement company?”  Well, that really depends on what your definition of “the best” is. Personally I have not seen more than a small handful that I would even consider recommending to a consumer.  Most of these debt settlement outfits have less than a 25% success rate and will do nothing more but siphon fees from consumers before ultimately pushing them into Bankruptcy. WARNING – Do not […] Read more »

Top 5 myths told by Debt Settlement Companies

Over the years I have heard so many half truths and flat out lies told to consumers by Debt Settlement Salesman, I decided to make a list of the top 5 most common.  If you find yourself on the phone with a settlement salesman that floats one of these over to you, go ahead and politely terminate the call and save yourself some time. Without Further Ado, here is the top 5 in reverse order 5.  Only Licensed Attorneys can […] Read more »

New Debt Settlement Video is Eye Opening for Consumers

These days American consumers are hemorrhaging under mountains of Debt. Where there is blood, there will certainly be sharks. Specifically I am referring to Debt Settlement companies. There is definitely not a shortage of shady characters in other forms of debt help, but due to the largely unregulated nature of Debt Settlement, the sharks can find much easier pickings. After several years of research, direct involvement in the industry and hearing literally hundreds of horror stories during my consultations with […] Read more »