Don’t Call a Debt Settlement Company for Financial Advice, Craigslist Exposes Why

Debt Settlement Sales

I have written several articles on the Dangers of calling a debt settlement company to get financial advice. Today I thought it would be an eye opening exercise to show consumers the background and qualifications of a typical debt settlement sales person. I do want to be clear though, I am not purposefully picking on debt settlement sales people and I am not saying all debt settlement sales people are bad. I actually believe that most of them really believe […] Read more »

Financial Advice from our Grandparents

Nana and Papa

08 In Color This recession has many of us wishing that we would have listened to our grandparent’s financial advice.  You know, when they told us to spend less than we make, save more and don’t take on debt.   No, no, no, that is old fashioned.  This is a whole new world.  We have evolved past that.  Maximum leverage is the ultimate way to wealth.  Or so we thought. The unfortunate reality for the Country is that we have lived […] Read more »