Chase forcing more consumers to turn to Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy

stressed over bills

As the recession drags on and consumers are struggling to keep their heads above water, JPMorgan Chase is throwing out bricks to many of their customers. About 15 million Chase credit card holders are going to get an unpleasant surprise in August when their minimum payment jumps from 3% to 5%. If you have a $10,000 balance on your chase card, instead of the typical $300 payment, you may be looking at a $500 payment. In addition chase is raising […] Read more »

Why are There 1000’s of Debt Settlement Companies All of the Sudden?

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Now more than ever it is crucial that you are very cautious about who you are seeking help and advice from.  The financial problem is an epidemic and it is going to get much worse before it gets better. Remember back 5 years ago when it seemed like everyone was in Real Estate in some form or another?  Now it seems that yesterdays real estate “experts” are todays “Debt Help Pros”.  […] Read more »

Debt Settlement is coming out of the closet?

I woke up this morning, poured the last of a pot of coffee into my cup (my wife usually drinks most of the pot before I get out of bed) and sat down with the modern day newspaper, my google reader.  I came across a story in the New York times about debt settlement.  I am a little amazed about how many articles I have seen lately on the topic. Debt Settlement has always been sort of a Pariah to the main […] Read more »