Most of My Articles are about Debt Settlement – Why?

Debt Settlement Pied Piper

A reader that glances at my blog might mistakenly conclude that I recommend consumers pursue a debt settlement strategy far more often than I would any other.  If that is not the case, then why does the topic of debt settlement, at least thus far, clearly dominate much of the content on this blog?  Simple.  The debt settlement Industry, by a large margin, is harming many more consumers than all of the other “debt reduction strategies” combined. As an advocate […] Read more »

Credit Solutions of America – Sued by Florida Attorney General

Credit Solutions Scam

Credit Solutions of America is another of a long line of Debt Settlement companies currently in hot water with State Attorney Generals throughout the Country for unfair and deceptive business practices. As is almost always the case, the unfair and deceptive practice stems form the structure and the amount of fees charged to consumers upfront.  In the case of Credit Solutions of America, after 17  months in their program, nearly 50% of client payments would actually go toward their fees. […] Read more »

Debt Settlement Nightmare for Phoenix Woman reported today the story of Rosie Stewart who found herself in $175,000 worth of credit card debt after her business fell victim to the economic downturn.  Like many people she turned to a debt settlement company that was big on promises but short on results. Essentially she paid this company Ram Financial Services over $12,000 dollars and received nothing but a lawsuit form one of her creditors. Incredibly when she contacted Ram about the lawsuit, she was told that […] Read more »