Legacy Debt Solutions vs Credit Solutions – Who Can Bankrupt a Client Faster?

Debt Settlement Salesperson

Hiring a debt settlement company using a front loaded fee model endorsed by TASC and USOBA is more likely to lead a consumer to Bankruptcy then to a successfully completed settlement program.  There are various reasons why this is unfortunately true, but one of the most obvious to me is that debt settlement salespeople for the most part, always recommend debt settlement, regardless of whether or not it actually makes sense given the financial circumstances of the client. The following […] Read more »

The Association of Settlement Companies – TASC – An Introduction

Tasc - The Association of Settlement Companies

One might wonder what is motivating me to write a series of posts dedicated to The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC).  I must confess that it is in part for the selfish reason of saving myself some time.  One of the core principles behind the founding of Damon Day and Associates was to first and foremost educate consumers, by providing honest and straightforward financial advice as it relates to all of the options available for getting out of debt. At least […] Read more »

TASC – The Association of Settlement Companies – A Closer Look

Tasc Exposed

I started writing this article a number of months ago and it has sat collecting digital dust until some recent events at the FTC caused me to pick it back up. My intent is to provide a perspective on a Debt Settlement industry organization known as The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC). I will tell you right up front that my perspective will be very different than the one you will get from a salesman of a TASC member company. […] Read more »

Debt Settlement Companies – Top 5 ways they can Screw you!

Debt Settlement Companies are the solution to all of your debt problems.  No matter how much you are struggling or what the circumstances are, they will step in and resolve all of your problems.  Just turn everything over to them and rest easy knowing your financial future is secure. Sounds a little far fetched don’t you think?  Well if you have ever seen, heard, or read any of their advertisements, this is the impression they are giving consumers. Lets take a […] Read more »

Top 5 Reasons Most Debt Settlement Companies Fail their Clients.

Debt Settlement Companies are everywhere.  You have seen the ads on TV and heard them on the radio. You know, the ones where they promise to cut your debts by up to 70%, stop the creditor phone calls, lower your monthly payments, and make your life so blissfully happy that you will wonder how you could have ever lived without them. In reality, I would rate most Debt Settlement Companies as “Epic Failures.”  What follows is by no means an […] Read more »