Debt Snowball – When does it make sense?

Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball

The Debt Snowball method to paying down debts has been around for a long time but it has become popularized and almost synonymous  with Financial Planner and radio personality Dave Ramsey. Although from a financial standpoint, Dave takes a little different approach in how he recommends the debts be ordered, he praises this approach as a simple and straightforward way for people to dig out of debt.  If you are unfamiliar with the Debt Snowball approach and how it works, […] Read more »

How The Debt Snowball Method Works to Pay Off Debt Fast

Debt Snowball

A Quick and Simple Method to Pay Down Debt. The Debt Snowball is one of the most talked about methods for paying off debt, although there’s some disagreement about one of the basic premises of the Debt Snowball – whether to start paying off the smallest debt first or the one with the highest interest rate. I tend to prefer the method of starting with the highest interest rate first because you will save more money, but in some situations, […] Read more »