Credit Solutions of America Sued in Vermont, Sensing a Pattern?


The news just can’t seem to get better for Credit Solutions of America.  It seems like every time I turn around they are getting sued by another state.  This time it is the Vermont Attorney General, William H. Sorrell, filing suit against Credit Solutions.  Perhaps he didn’t get the TASC and USOBA memo that high upfront fee debt settlement companies are somehow good for consumers.  Or maybe he did receive it, recognized it for the BS that it was, and […] Read more »

Credit Solutions of America – Sued by Florida Attorney General

Credit Solutions Scam

Credit Solutions of America is another of a long line of Debt Settlement companies currently in hot water with State Attorney Generals throughout the Country for unfair and deceptive business practices. As is almost always the case, the unfair and deceptive practice stems form the structure and the amount of fees charged to consumers upfront.  In the case of Credit Solutions of America, after 17  months in their program, nearly 50% of client payments would actually go toward their fees. […] Read more »