Get Out of Debt – What Strategy Makes the Most Sense?

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Help!!!! I am on information overload.  Can you look at my financial circumstances and tell me exactly what debt reduction strategy will make the most sense for me? Sound familiar?  You are not alone.  Thousands of people ask this question every day and set out on the Internet looking for the answer. Unfortunately instead of honest and unbiased advice they typically encounter salesmen that focus more on convincing consumers to buy into their various programs than they do on educating […] Read more »

Personal Bankruptcy filings are up 40% from this time last year

I am afraid this number is only going to get worse as the recession slogs on. Unemployment is continuing to rise as companies rush to downsize in an attempt to survive. The unfortunate reason for many of these bankruptcies is that these families where carrying too much debt and living paycheck to paycheck. When they have a hiccup in their income situation, they are left with no wiggle room. Everyone needs to create a proactive plan for paying down their […] Read more »

Chase forcing more consumers to turn to Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy

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As the recession drags on and consumers are struggling to keep their heads above water, JPMorgan Chase is throwing out bricks to many of their customers. About 15 million Chase credit card holders are going to get an unpleasant surprise in August when their minimum payment jumps from 3% to 5%. If you have a $10,000 balance on your chase card, instead of the typical $300 payment, you may be looking at a $500 payment. In addition chase is raising […] Read more »