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Student Loan Help

“If you can’t pay your student loan you are screwed”

At least that is what consumers have been led to believe. How many times have you been told by someone that they can’t help you resolve your student loan debt? Or that you can’t even file bankruptcy? This myth is so prevalent that most professionals do not even think there are solutions available to assist consumers with their student loans. Hell, I even bought into the myth myself for many years.

I have been helping families deal with crushing debt issues for over a decade now. Over the last few years an increasingly larger number of my clients have been desperately looking for solutions to solve their student loan issues. Unfortunately, like many professionals, I bought into the myth that there was just nothing that could be done. Navient was a horrible monster and you were just their helpless victim.

When I had heard enough horror stories, I determined that there had to be a way to help my clients deal with these morally bankruptcy institutions and I set out on a mission to find answers. What I discovered not only shocked me, but most of the professionals in the field that I share this research with.

The bottom line is that there are answers. You do have options available. If Navient is threatening you with horrible things unless you pay them some un Godly monthly payment, you do have some recourse. I am not going to sugar coat it for you. The answers are not always simple, or fun, but the alternative of doing nothing and throwing yourself at the mercy of your lenders is much worse.

If you are drowning in student loan payments or even if you have already fallen behind or defaulted, I can help. Fill out the form below to tell me a bit about your situation. There are solutions.

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