Private Student Loans

No point in sugar coating this for you. There is no “one size fits all” solution available for dealing with private student loans. The fact is, they are extremely difficult to deal with and some of the solutions are messy. I mean really roll up your sleeves messy. I am sure you have already called your servicer for help and found them about as helpful as a concrete parachute.

As bad as it might be, there are in fact options available and you need to know what you are up against. Making a bad choice now could literally have these loans haunting you for the rest of your life.

You have some tough choices to make

Can you consolidate the loans? Can you renegotiate with your current servicer? Can you file bankruptcy? Should you just pay what you can afford? Should you stop payment altogether? What happens if you stop payments? What if a cosigner is involved? And the list of questions that you can’t find any answers to goes on and on. I can answer all of these questions and any other questions you have about dealing with private loans.

I charge a fee for these consultations and that should make you jump for joy

Are you ready to get proactive with your loans?

Fill out the form below to schedule a 1 hour private student loan consultation with me. I will analyze your overall financial situation, cover all the feasible options you have to deal with your private student loans and help you to formulate a plan to move forward with. I charge 250 dollars for the consultation and analysis. I do however understand that most of my clients don’t exactly have a ton of money just lying around so I also offer the option to split the consultation fee into 2 monthly payments of 125.

Want a free consultation instead?

Call the hotline number at 888-919-3323. There you can talk to many random sales people just waiting to offer you “advice.”

My service is limited to people that understand the difference between paying for professional help or getting a free sales pitch. I prefer to spend my time helping people solve their actual problem, rather than trying to pitch some canned solution. I only offer 4 or 5 of these consultations per week. Why? Well the majority of my time is actually spent helping my clients solve their debt problems.

Test time

Given the gravity of the situation you are in, should you…

a. Get financial advice from a random sales person that is getting paid by someone else to sell you something. A sales person that literally sits there all day and pitches the same thing to every person that calls in. A sales person that actually has never implemented, or has any first hand knowledge of the actions he is “advising” you to take.

b. Pay a professional for his time to educate you on the options available and answer your questions without a sales pitch

Hint: b. is always the answer to chose if you don’t know the answer.

My Guarantee

If you don’t think the information I share with you will save you much more than my fee then I will return your money. No questions asked. 

So let me make this decision easy for you…

Don’t act like a consumer right now. Make a business decision. How much do you owe? How much is the interest? If I know something that could save you more than 250 bucks, and likely tens of thousands, would a conversation with me be a good investment?

If you are still thinking that you want to talk to someone for free, then please call the hotline at 888-919-3323. In fact, call as many “student loan relief” outfits as you can find. Why? Well eventually you will get so frustrated by the lack of real help you will get on those free calls.  You will get to the point where you will knock over women and children for the opportunity to talk with someone that knows the actual answers to your questions.

The more people you talk to for free, the more you will appreciate me when you eventually find your way back. Just remember to bookmark my site.

The next step is to tell me about your situation.

Fill out my online form.
*Your privacy is important to me. The information you submit on this form will only be seen by my assistant and myself and will never be shared or sold to anyone.