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Our conversation was very pleasant and reassuring that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have inquired into other sources of debt solutions and found yours to be my best option. It is a shorter term solution than the others I have talked to.

I am 58 and have never had any problem with paying my bills until I lost my job. I have read several books on finances and have found having credit can hurt you or help you. I would suggest everyone get educated on finances and if they need a solution to a financial problem to check your web site out. It feels like someone really cares. Thank you for caring Damon. – Mike

Last week I had a chance to speak to you about my personal financial situation. I did have the opportunity to speak to 2 other companies before I spoke with you and also did some research online. The talk with you for 60 minutes was an eye opener.

You made sure I understood every aspect of the process and were very patient in handling all my questions however insignificant or small. I really do appreciate your help and education you provided me.

Just to let you know I have asked the same type of questions in different ways to all companies I talked too. All of them gave me a different answer each time for the same question formulated in a different way. Your answers were always consistent and after research I found that many pundits in the market said the same thing you said.
As your signature says

An Honest and Ethical Approach to Debt Freedom!
Thank you once again and God bless – Mr. A


Please pass this letter along to anyone that is considering setting up a consultation with you. I want everyone to know what the company you referred me to has been able to help me accomplish in just 6 short months.

12 months ago in January of 2008 I realized that I had a problem. My income took a dramatic turn down and I was looking at 127,000 dollars in credit card debt with no feasible way to pay it. I hated the prospect of having to go bankrupt so I set out to find a solution.

You name it I researched it. I looked at everything from consumer credit counseling, debt settlement even bankruptcy. Nothing I found made sense for me. I couldn’t qualify for the monthly payment with consumer credit counseling. I refused to file bankruptcy and every single debt settlement company I spoke with was much more interested in charging me 20,000 to 30,000 dollars in fees than they were in actually creating a plan to help me.

After about 6 months of searching I was lucky enough to find your website. The company that you referred me to was completely different than any other that I had researched. I can’t begin to tell you how much of my life they have given back to me. They prepared a plan that allowed me to start settling my debts very quickly.

It is now Jan 2009, just six months after I found you and requested your help. To date we have settled 115,000 of the original 127,000. I only have two cards left to go and those will be completed in the next few months. We settled the 115,000 for about 40,000 dollars.

In a few months I will be completely out of debt and will have settled everything for about 45,000 dollars. I have saved over 80,000 dollars in less than a year. I am so glad I listened to my gut instead of the sales pitches of all of those debt settlement company rip-offs. Had I gone with them, I would have never been able to settle my debt this quickly. In fact I would have just recently finished paying all of their fees. It is criminal what those companies do to people that are desperate for good advice.

If I could tell people one thing, I would say, if you think debt settlement is a good option, make sure you talk to Damon before making any decisions. In six months I never found anyone that would even come close to providing me with what you shared with me in less than an hour on the phone.

There is nothing like this feeling of being debt free. Free from the stress, the worry, the anxiety. Damon, you have given me this freedom, you have given me the ability to enjoy my life again. Thank you again, so much for all that you have done for me. – Gabe

I can’t thank you enough for not giving up on me. I still cannot believe the settlement that was arranged for me. It took five months for me to convince myself that settling my debt with my creditors was actually possible.

Boy am I glad I took your advice. When I received the letter that they would accept a settlement for 15 cents on the dollar I couldn’t believe it. Before I contacted you my wife was convinced that I would go to jail if I couldn’t keep up on the payments. Saving us 40,000 dollars sure made a believer out of her. I can’t thank you enough for the help and education that you have given me. Phillip


I have been speaking with over a dozen debt settlement companies for over 5 months, nearly signed contracts with 4 of them, but was stopped each time because their contracts were significantly different from the verbal conversations we had shared. There were many inconsistencies, and several statements taken back when I confronted them. I had grown weary and decided to just file for bankruptcy.

However, morally I couldn’t justify not doing all I was capable of in regarding to paying back my debts. I knew there must be a way to agree on a settlement with my creditors – which morally felt right to me, in light of our hardships.

But, how to find a third party settlement agent I could trust? I searched under reputable consumer education groups and felt fortunate to have been guided to you.

You took the time to educate me, and respond to my unique situation intelligently and competently. This alone was a breath of fresh air! Finally, here was what I was looking for, and the full service agent I could trust as my partner in debt settlement.

I had finally found the team I could work with – AND at significant savings and flexibility! Further, my money is my own, and not hanging out dangerously in someone else’s account. When you add up all that Mr. Day is offering – his package of combined education, expertise, longevity, reputation and common sense in how he has chosen to deliver his service – it’s a sorely needed breath of fresh air, amidst all the consumer debt settlement industry hot air! – Mr. and Mrs. K

I am so happy I clicked on your video. Everyone in this situation needs to hear what you have to say. You are very personable and passionate about what you do. I definitely feel more at ease about all of this and prepared to take the next steps and move on. Again thanks for your time and knowledge. – Shawna

The marketing piece introducing Damon’s video sounded too good to be true. He spoke about frequent misrepresentations and partial truths – characteristics of typical ‘sales types‘ working for businesses that over promise and under deliver. Damon’s website advertisement appealed to me as an authentic and honest financial advisor whose philosophy of putting the client first, and not doing anything that would not be in the best interest of the client, propelled me to call his office to learn more about his service.

As I disclosed my financial situation, Damon was not judgmental; he listened carefully, asked questions, and quickly grasped the picture. Damon’s concern about people was evident during his consultation with me. He generated a number of potential options and outlined a preliminary way forward. When the session ended, I felt more hopeful about a solution and felt that Damon saw me as a PERSON who needed his expertise rather than another OPPORTUNITY to make a quick dollar. Damon can be trusted to identify the realities, the truths and the potential downside of choices or options you make. I look forward to benefiting from his expertise and guidance! – Rosie

Dear Damon… I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me the other day on my credit card debt problems. I have talked to several companies about my situation and there is NO QUESTION that you are knowledgeable of these matters. I like the ethical approach you take in explaining the options. There are many unethical companies out there that wanted to ‘help’ me. You are a breath of fresh air! Blessings, – Phil

We had already signed up with a debt settlement company, when my husband and I decided to research more deeply into our options on handling our large accumulation of credit card debt. That’s when I came across Damon Day & Associates’ website. My husband and I listened to his video, and my husband asked me to speak with Damon.

His no bs, no nonsense approach was a welcome change from the sales pitches that we had previously heard. His approach made sense logically as well as financially; and, after my consultation with Damon, my husband and I decided to cancel our debt settlement program because had we continued in the current program we were in, would have brought on greater financial hardship for us. – Dawn


Thank you for taking time today to discuss my financial situation and options. I had talked to a few other debt settlement companies about their program and what they have to offer, and to be honest, they made their programs sound very easy and enticing, however,after talking to you, I understand a lot more about all of my options and how debt settlement works. You took the time to answer all of my questions. It sure is nice to know that there are still people out there that want to help others. After being overwhelmed by debt, my wife and I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you very much and would definitely recommend you to others.– Kory

Before speaking with Damon I was getting conflicting information and people pushing the immediate sign up. While speaking to Damon I got someone who both grasped the situation I was in and was looking out for my long term good. There was no pushing just clear information and a loving hand to help me through an emotionally and financially challenging process.
Thank you Damon You won me and my business
. – Gurutej

Before speaking to you, I literally thought that bankruptcy was the only way to go and you gave me options other than that so thank you. You explained everything very clearly and was very patient with me. You weren’t trying to sell me anything. Like others that have said before me, I will definitely recommend you to any that need a debt solution. ^____^” – Anh

I have spoken with several debt settlement, debt management, and debt consulting firms, (in addition to 2 BK lawyers). i did my own research and due diligence on each of these firms. they all have a “plan”, they all talk the talk, and they all want fees up front, want my money up front in an escrow account, and cannot approach creditors until sufficient funds are in the account. well, with 10%-15% fees up front, that would take a while for my settlement funds to be adequate.

Damon listened to my situation, seemingly understood it, and directed me to a different sort of debt settlement company. I am a cynic, I am a skeptic, but finally I am optimistic. we shall see. Most importantly, Damon understands, his knowledge is strong, his advice sound, his ability to communicate is terrific, and his response time has been fast, which is reassuring.

I do not feel I was being sold anything, I do not feel there was any hype from Damon. He stayed on point with the particulars of my situation and then advised. For that I am appreciative. I have never been through anything like my present situation, Damon heard this, and understood. My fingers are crossed that the direction in which he is taking me will work. Thank you, Damon.
– Jim

Damon Day seemed genuinely interested in my plight. He evaluated my situation from all angles, including the fact that retirement is not too far away for me. I had signed up with a different company originally, and I thought it was revealing that he did not bad mouth their program, but pointed out some alternate ways that debt settlement should be handled. He took a more refreshing approach than by just reminding me that my payment was due on a certain date. I am in over my head, but now may be looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, as a result of his suggested approach. Thank you Damon! – Stan

Thank you for your sound advice. You’ve made me think things through before making a financial decision that could get me deeper into debt. Your realistic approach to credit card settlement will help many people in my position. It won’t be easy but at least I now know what has to be done. Thanks again Damon. John

Hi Damon,

We are very grateful to have connected with you during our stressful situation. After talking with you we had a much clearer picture of our options and this is what we needed the most. We never could have imagined being placed in such a stressful position at this point in our lives and it’s quite devastating. We are appreciative of the time you took with us to understand our particular situation. And we are grateful for your honest and sincere guidance. For anyone facing financial distress we highly recommend they contact you first before making any decisions or taking any action so they can fully understand their situation and potential options. Thank you Damon! Donna

Hello Damon,

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and highlighting the pros and cons of different alternatives I could be pursuing given the situation i am in. You gathered enough information from me to give me the exact options that may be viable in my case. There were no unnecessary selling of any idea or option, the very fair and candid conversation was most helpful for me.

Your approach is exactly what you are claiming to be doing no more – no less You answer the questions from a knowledge base and help your listener, me in my case, make an appropriate decision without being forced in any way. This is in 100% contrast with anybody I talked to over the phone and on the web on this matter of credit card dept that I found myself while dealing w unexpected expenses when I have a fixed income.

Thank you again very much for your genuine interest to help the one who comes to you for guidance. That is exactly what you gave me. – Best regards – Eser

I just wanted to thank you again for your advice. It was spot on. We spoke last month about my financial situation (May 10). Debt settlement, debt negotiation, credit counseling, etc. make no sense for my situation. I’ve retained a bankruptcy attorney and am in the process of filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be out from under this mess. If you ever find yourself in ******, Colorado come up to the ***********, I’ll buy you lunch or dinner (I’m the chef up there). Thanks again. John

Thank you once again for taking the time to talk with me. I really do appreciate it. I so appreciate your honesty and that you seem to really care about your clients financial situation. I feel that you really care to see each one of us achieve a “debt free” lifestyle.Thanks once again for your caring ways. Jennifer

It was great to talk to someone who had my best interest at heart. Being in a financial bind is so difficult and feeling that you are there alone makes it doubly so. I appreciate your listening to my situation without pressuring me into buying anything or making a decision right now as to how I am going to resolve my problem. I feel that if more people had someone like you in their corner they would be more apt to come to a resolution that will fit their needs.
Thank you for your advice and your obvious concern for others. Individuals like you are what this country needs to keep us together as a nation.
Regards, Pam

The onetime fee to get Damon’s advice was worth its weight in gold!!! His services and insight were invaluable to us! Thanks again! – Anne

Damon hi there. This is Flanagan. Just wanted to let you know i am still debt free and have no credit cards. You really helped me out when i needed it. You are a very sincere, trustworthy, honest man. I am so glad i trusted you. Thank you again Damon.

Hi Damon – I just wanted to say Thank You again for your financial advice and your referral. Like I said before, it is great that you are out there helping people like us who need this guidance. It is so scary trying to figure out who are the lambs vs. wolves in this world of debt management. I will keep your name & web site handy in case I hear of someone else who needs help. I just wanted you to know how thankful we are that you helped us from being scammed! Take care and blessings to you & your family. – Katherine

Just a quick thank you for all of your advice and help last night during our consultation. My husband and I both walked away feeling lighter. I feel like I haven’t had a good nights sleep in more than a week. Feeling like we have a plan, or getting closer to having a plan helped so much. I slept peacefully last night. Like I said during our conversation…we believe that God caused our path to cross with yours. I am thankful that you were available and will continue to be there to help us. – Michelle

Hello Damon and Ann,

I am doing much better.  After almost 2 years without a closing, I had the first one in March.  I am still working part time at the department store.  I did file bankruptcy and went to court last summer.  It was such a relief, after so much thought and anxiety.  Damon’s words were ringing in my ears with advice and help from family and friends.   I felt it was confirmation to go ahead, get it over, move on and not be ashamed.  I appreciate Damon’s and your kindness, and I have not forgotten.  Talk to you soon!Berniece 

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