I received your request from GetOutOfDebt.org

My name is Damon Day and I am an independent financial consultant. Awhile back, Steve Rhode asked if I would help his site readers find local bankruptcy attorneys to review their situations and let them know if a bankruptcy filing would be a good option. I agreed, and here we are.

You will receive an email from me within 24 hours

Assuming this is not a weekend, you should get an email from me within the next 24 hours.  I know a lot of good bankruptcy attorneys around the country, but I don’t know one in every city. I will first check my database to see if I know someone close to you. If not, I will do some online research to find an attorney to assist you.

You may have additional options available

Debt ResolutionsIn the meantime, take a look at the unique service that I offer to consumers. If you like the idea of having an experienced and objective financial consultant review your situation and discuss all the potential options you may have available, you can schedule a telephone consultation with me through this site.