Free Contract Review

(Debt Relief Bullshit Detector)

If you are considering a Debt Settlement or a Student Loan Assistance program and you have some reservations about whether or not it is the best move for you to make, you can send me a copy of their contract and I will review it for you for free. In other words, I will point out all the BS that the sales person neglected to mention to you.

fine printI find that a majority of Debt Relief Programs absolutely act in their own self interests and not in the best interests of their clients. Of course these things are often spelled out in their convoluted contracts, but most consumers are not aware of where to look for them.

Why do I offer this review service for free?

1. Good Karma.

2. Good Business.

If I prevent you from making a very expensive mistake then there is a reasonably good chance you will see the wisdom in hiring me to help you find a solution that will be more logical than anything a debt relief sales person tries to convince you to do. Offering this service to you is a real win win.

Your Next Step…

To take advantage of my offer, simply sign up for my free newsletter below. Not only will you receive witty and insightful articles that will provide you with a deeper understanding of how the debt relief industry operates, but more importantly you will receive my direct contact information. Now if you are feeling tempted to enroll into a debt relief program because a silver tongued sales person is pushing all the right buttons, I will be just an email away.