Best Debt Management ProgramsThe most common question that I am asked by consumers is what are the best debt management programs? I always typically answer with “that depends on what your situation is.”

I have always been very reluctant to simply give a consumer a list of what I would consider to be some of the top debt management programs without having been fully informed of what their needs are. For instance, a great debt settlement program doesn’t help much if you really should file for bankruptcy instead.

There are so many of what I consider to be horrible debt relief programs out there that a consumer is really unlikely to find a good company on their own. Quite simply put, the bad companies usually spend much more money on sales and marketing than they do on service, thus, consumers are most likely to find the bad ones.

Who are the best Debt Management Programs that I Trust with My Clients?

I recommend that every consumer contact me to put together a plan before making a final decision but I also realize that some consumers already have a good grasp on their financial situation and already know exactly what they want to do and would just like to know who I think are good companies to research.

For those consumers, the companies listed on the left hand column are companies that you should research and compare to other programs offered in the marketplace.

Those programs have at least an A rating with the BBB.

They have long and successful track records of 5 years or more.

In the case of debt settlement, all of the programs had performance based fees from the beginning and never front loaded their fees, a practice of most debt settlement companies until the FTC required them to stop by law in Oct. 2010.

I know the owners of all of these companies and would feel very comfortable referring a client of mine to them.

Not Sure If You Need To Hire A Debt Management Program?

If you are unsure of what you should do to resolve your debt situation, I still highly recommend that you schedule a phone consultation with me, especially because my actual clients will receive a large fee discount, but if you are confident that you know how to proceed than these companies on the left hand side, offer some of the best debt management programs for you to research in my opinion.