Home Renovations That Can Backfire During a Probate Sale

Probate sales are very common, especially in areas like Michigan. When a beneficiary gets a house in probate, they usually sell it either because they don’t live in the area or because they need to utilize funds from selling.

However, the probate process takes time, making it a bit difficult to find the right buyer for the house, especially in Michigan. This prompts many homeowners to consider repairing and renovating the house to attract better customers by increasing the value of the house, during the wait.

If you are planning something like this, first, consult with your probate attorney in Michigan and determine the length of the probate process. After you have a rough idea, you can begin the renovation and repair work.

Most homeowners think these repairs and renovations add to the value of their house. This is not true in all cases. Let’s see which kinds of renovations in your probate home can backfire on you:

Unusual Paint and Flooring

You never know what taste your potential buyers have. You need to keep everything as plain and simple as possible. Chances are, if you choose a bright, red color to paint the living room walls, you’ll lose out because the potential buyer doesn’t like the bright color.

Bright colors not only make your house subjectively likable, but minimize buyer imaginations when thinking about making changes. This goes for the flooring as well. If you pick unusual or flashy flooring, the house can be disliked based simply on that. For making a better sale while under informal probate in Michigan, choose a plain, minimal approach when renovating your walls and floor.

Getting Rid of the Walls

If you plan on removing any walls to improve the space, it may sound like a great idea, but it can actually reduce the value of your house.

How, you ask?

With walls torn down, you are reducing the number rooms in the house, which can reduce the appeal for buyers. Houses with more bedrooms sell better than those with fewer bedrooms. Just keep in mind, if someone is interested in your house, they review the details first before visiting the house. They may turn it down before paying a visit to your new, spacious room! However, if you’ve already made changes, you can sell the house on the basis of cash for homes in Michigan.

Make sure you don’t experiment too much with your house, which is in informal probate in Michigan, as it may reduce the value of the house.

If you are facing hassle with probate sales or with your probate attorney in Michigan, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We can help you get through the selling process with ease.

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