Consumer Debt Help Association Rings Alarm on Fake Collection Attempt

Timothy Cerruti of Consumer Debt Help Association sent in this amazing warning to share with consumers.

Consumer Debt Help Association is a debt settlement company that sees a lot of different efforts to collect on client debts. I always think it is amazing when companies like Timothy Cerruti’s care enough about consumers to sound the alarm when they spot something dodgy.

Timothy sent this in as part of my I Buy Junk Mail program and asked to have the money donated to charity. You rock!

Timothy said, “I wanted to share this settlement offer, one of my clients received a call form a collector on a debt that they do indeed have with FNBO, we reached out to the collector and the phone call didn’t seem up to par from the start.

They wanted the funds wired that night in order to satisfy the settlement offer. We agreed to get the letter from them and I am attaching it below for your review. We reached out to FNBO to see if this collector was indeed collecting for them and they advised that they were not.

I thought this may be a good article for you to show the scam collectors out there taking money from people on real debt that they owe, but in reality, after they would have paid this settlement amount they would still owe the creditor the full amount.”

The address, 274 Tampa Drive, Buffalo, NY does indeed come back to a residential property.

The State of New York has no company registered to do business with Roth and Gallo in the name.

The phone number listed by the “collection company” is 877-297-2085 and I found this recording of a call that was placed from that number. You can listen to it here. The call said, “Hi My name is Lindsay Schaefer I’m calling in regards to sealed documents that do require your signature we need to make arrangements to get these documents over to you so if you could please contact the filing party they could be reached at 877-297-2085 if you intended on getting a stop order placed on the service you would need to contact that office by 5 pm today again the number is 877-297-2085.”

Kudos to Consumer Debt Help Association for sending in this warning to help consumers.

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