How Can You Still Eat Organic While Not Spending Huge?

Who doesn’t like to eat organic food?

Howbeit, what comes as an obstacle is the high price tag of such foods. It’s because of such an issue, we often end up thinking that organic food is just not affordable!


Well, in such an instance, all that you need to do is act smarter and that’s it! If Jennifer can do so, why can’t you?

Also, Chrissy Pate, owner of the savings website, said “When my family began this adventure of eating whole and natural foods, we experienced sticker shock. So, I did some research and found that great benefits could be had by making some smaller changes in the right areas.”

Apart from what they mentioned, even I can vow for the fact that you can go for an organic diet while saving a lot of money.

How am I so sure?

For last 6 months, even me and my family are being able to eat organic while not exceeding our budget. I am pretty impressed and satisfied with this fact. You can say, this is the reason why I opted for curating this piece of writing.

Believe me, what I am going to discuss below are actually the tricks which I am following in my ‘Frugal Organic’ mission nowadays.

Here I go!

Organic coupons are important

It is true that a basket filled with normal veggies, fruits, milk, chicken and so on can cost you just $ 20. While if you go for organic, the price can just simply get doubled-up!

In such a scenario, what can act as a boon for you is a coupon! They really help to save amazingly. I’ve bookmarked the following organic coupon websites on my PC:

If you are planning to switch to organic, do the same!

Also, there’s a way for you to even get paid for buying organic food.

Isn’t it interesting?

Buy from a small store

How can I say like that?

If you are having this question in your mind, it makes sense. Even, I had the same when one of my health-conscious as well as a budget-friendly friend told me so.

However, when she asked me to check out the Consumers checkbook’s survey, I could sense the reality. According to the data, if you shop at Mom’s Organic Market instead of any grocery store in the Washington area, you will spend 8% less.

Moreover, according to MarketWatch, Trader Joe’s is the cheapest place to buy organic whole foods when compared to other famous names.

So, I prefer buying my organics from small stores.

Don’t you?

Non-certified organic foods are worth buying

Sounds weird?

Well, it is obviously important to look for the organic seal to avoid buying fake organic food. Still, there’s a twist here!

I discovered it past a couple of months ago. I went for buying my organics at a departmental store. Suddenly, I came across a nearby local farm stand. I went there and noticed a remarkable difference in price.

The same packet of organic nuts which usually cost me $20, I was getting there for just $10. When I talked with the growers, I came to know about this new fact.

There are many such farms present in every area which are too small to get a certification. As the value of certification will be more than their profits, they get exempted.

The organics available in such farms often cost far less than the certified ones. You can buy such frugal organics from Farmers’ Markets even.

After knowing about this, I prefer to buy my organic groceries from such places. All that you need to assure before purchasing is that it’s essential to talk to the growers. It will help you to understand their growing techniques.

Let your cart fill up completely

Yes! I am asking you to buy in bulk.

Worrying about the price-tags?

There’s an interesting story here!

Did you hear about Jet?

I must say it is a unique and fun online shopping place (Precisely, an online warehouse club) which offers you a lucrative discount when you buy multiple products together.

Above that, the more you will bag in your cart, the more discount you will get!

Recently, I was shopping on this website. I added a discounted packet of organic beans in my cart. Next, when I chose a bottle of organic coconut oil, a box of cereal, some canned organic tomato puree etc., the prices of the items were getting less!

I found it pretty exciting. You just have to search ‘organic’ on the website, all the organic products and top-brands like Amy’s, Nature’s Path etc. will be displayed.

Further, if you’ve not shopped with Jet before, you will get a 15% off your first three orders when you sign up.

There’s much more to look for:

  • Spend at least $ 35 on Jet, get a FREE shipping!
  • Earn a 10% cashback on any order
  • $2 bonus on your first purchase

Know about your local CSA

Community-supported Agriculture (CSA) programs can connect you directly to the producers. I recently came to know about this concept.

With the help of CSA, farmers can earn money quite early in the season and consumers can eat fresh organics at a frugal rate.

The experience of Penny Hoarder Kristen Pope, who received a box of fresh organic produce for just $9.53/week, inspired me to opt for CSA.

Final Takeaway

So, the ultimate mantra of saving huge while eating healthy lies in how smart you are acting to figure out the best money-saving approaches. Keep yourself updated, follow the aforementioned tips and you will definitely make a colossal saving.

Lastly, never again say, “I wish I could eat organic foods, but I just can’t afford it.”

About Author:

Clara Decker is the marketing manager at, deals and discounts provider company. She is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Clara also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

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