I Can’t Help You If You Can’t Help Yourself


Dear Steve,

I am in debt and need to find a way out

Is your company rated by the Better Business Bureau?



Dear Owens,

Your question landed in my inbox at a time I was very frustrated with the inability of people to help themselves. So forgive me in advance for the ride you are about to take on my rant.

Consumers become the victims of scams for a number of reasons. Some scams are clever and tough to see the deception. Other scams are hidden in plain sight and make magical claims which people fall for. Others yet get scammed because they assign all responsibility to others and then surprise when the end result sucks.

Your question lets me know two things. The first is you are concerned about your debt. The second is you appear to want to transfer responsibility to the BBB for any action you are about to take.

The BBB is Not Perfect

The Better Business Bureau is not perfect and there is a long history of examples where the BBB has given problematic companies ratings that did not seem to reflect their current performance. And while I often cite the BBB public information in posts the BBB rating information is one indication of a data point and not an ultimate truth to count on or discredit. In the absence of an alternative, a BBB report can provide some information.

A single BBB rating on a company contains additional information that helps to paint a more comprehensive picture. Does the company have complaints? How does the company respond to complaints? Who are the people behind the company? Did you Google them?

I became alarmed by your question because I don’t sell services. My information and advice on the site are free. So when you proclaim you need to find a way out of debt and want to know if myself or the site is BBB rated that indicates to me you are not paying attention.

Stressing out about debt can lead you to make impulsive decisions that could come back to bite you. For example, you might just call any company, love what the salesperson has to say, and leap if you like their BBB rating.

But the more pressing question here is if the debt relief solution they are pitching is even right for you in your situation.

Rather than just be frustrated with your question and ranting on. Here are some free guides to help you evaluate whoever you decide to purchase services from for debt relief help. As I’ve said, I don’t sell services so that can’t be me.

And for help determining what general debt solution might be more suited for your situation, here is my free online Get Out of Debt Calculator.

Before you leap at repaying your past debt, here is my online calculator that can show you what it may cost you in lost retirement funds.

If you’ve been running all over the internet and jumping at multiple offers to help you get out of debt, you should expect your inbox and telephone to explode with offers from salespeople who want to sell you debt relief services.

At the end of the day, you and you alone are the sole person who can weigh if the solution is right for you. There is no safety net for you making the wrong choice on dealing with your debt. And if you find yourself tangled up with false promises and working with a scam company, it is unlikely you will ever receive a full refund or be made whole again.

Don’t assign the responsibility of what is best for your future. You must invest time and energy to make the right choices for you.

Steve Rhode
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