I’m Really Pissed Off at American Express and Want to Punish Them


Dear Steve,

I’ve been an excellent American Express customer for many years. Recently, I was not treated like an excellent customer. A phone call got the problem corrected, but it should never have occurred in the first place. It cost me time and embarrassment.

I’d like to post some (negative) reviews about my experience. I’d like people to know how American Express treats its good customers and doesn’t adhere to its advertising. What are the best and most effective websites for doing this? I do not want to use my real name.



Dear Molly,

I think the internet is full of places to post your displeasure and opinions about American Express. You don’t need me to point those out.

But I’m struck by the premise of your question.

It seems as if you were a happy customer, American Express made some error, and then fixed the error.

I’m not defending American Express here but the mark of a good company is not that mistakes happen, but how they fix the mistake when it is identified. You seem to indicate American Express did remedy the situation even though you were embarrassed and it took time to fix.

When you post your reviews of displeasure, all I ask is that you also mention how the company did resolve the matter as well.

If you are 100 percent confident your other financial service companies are not going to make a mistake over the years, you are far more optimistic than I am. Mistakes happen, problems get fixed, and we move on.

But it is good to be vigilant, deal with issues that come up, and give the company, any company, a chance to fix the issue.

Hopefully American Express will continue to offer you the same level of benefits and service you enjoyed for so many years in the past.

Steve Rhode
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