Sr. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Certified Debt Specialist

What does that mean?

Hell if I know but it is all the rage in the debt relief industry right now.

Ever talk to a debt relief sales person?

If so, then you know about all the daily emails that come after to entice you into their ever so awesome number 1 super duper debt solution that is tops in the galaxy and certified by all kinds of things that don’t actually mean anything. Funny how every company seems to be the best huh?

What really cracks me up is how these sales people sign their name.

You will always notice something like…

Certified Senior Debt Specialist 

Or some other made up bullshit like that.

Cost of ignorance is to damn high

Want to have some fun?

When they call to ask why you haven’t sent them the contract for the 10,000 dollar service they are selling, ask them what they are certified in. Or mention that you would prefer to speak to a Junior debt specialist instead.

Or maybe mention that you like the idea of helping people and would like to know exactly what classes and certifications you would need before you could work as a “Certified Senior Debt Specialist” for their company.

If you really are curious, I already did the legwork for you. Click here to see some debt relief help wanted ads. Turns out you don’t have to know anything but how to sell. Huh? Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Quit acting a fool. These people are there to sell you a program not help you figure out what to do.

I guess I can’t blame them though. I mean it’s not like you would put your financial future in the hands of someone who signed his name…

John Smith
#1 Sales Closer


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As a Debt Coach and a Financial Advocate, I have saved my clients Millions of Dollars by exposing the debt relief scams that other consumers fall victim to. I work directly for my clients to create custom debt relief strategies based on their own unique circumstances. Consumers who speak with me first, come out far ahead of those who don't, every single time. Guaranteed. +Damon Day