How To Get Out Of Debt – Carnival of Personal Finance

How to get out of debtToday I thought I would try something different and take a stab at hosting a Personal Finance Blog Carnival started by my friend Steve Rhode over at How to Get Out of Debt. For those of you who don’t move in blogospheric circles, a blog carnival is simply a roundup of articles from various blogs, typically centered around a common topic.

I’ll admit that I was fairly selective this week and here are the posts that made the cut.

Steve Rhode presents Debt Will Kill Your Sex Life. Debt impacts more than just your wallet. Read about how your sex like goes into default when your bills do.

Steve also wants to get the word out about a new scam Certified Resolution Notice – Federal Stimulus Package – Scam, Scam, Scam

Jeff Weber at Smart Balance Transfers presents FAQ: Should I Transfer a Balance to a Credit Card with a Current Balance? Credit card companies often try to convince consumers to transfer debt to cards they currently have debt on. This can be a costly mistake.

Alex Viecco presents Is Debt Settlement A Good Idea? That certainly depends on who you ask, but be of people who tell you that it is before they have a full understanding of your situation.

Andy Boyd at Credit Card Compare Blog presents Balance Transfer Showdown: Australia vs. the UK

Ryan at Deliver Away Debt presents How To Transfer a Credit Card Balance – Asking how balance transfers actually work? And which card should you use? These are important questions with answers that will help you make wise decisions about your debt balances.

Jen at Master the Art of Saving presents Buried Alive: digging yourself outta debt (step 1) | Master the Art of Saving. – saying… If you’re reading this, then you probably have some unsightly debt lurking around. I too have been in that sullen place before and it was overwhelming, I even acquired a small debt in 2011. I will be more than happy to never return to Debtland again.

Steve from Debt Consolidation 2 u presents Consider Other Loan Alternatives before Opting for No Credit Check Payday Loan saying that Payday loans are something that you should avoid at all costs. Investigate other forms of debt before using a payday loan for short term emergencies.

Stepping away from personal finance for a moment, I have been recently been made aware that Ana Hoffman over at Traffic Generation Cafe is giving away a 30 minute consultation and a free copy of the very SEO friendly Thesis Theme for your blog. If you are thinking your blog could use a nice upgrade, I suggest you head over and check it out. In addition, her blog is awesome and one that should be in your reader anyway. I have learned quite a bit from Ana by subscribing to her blog over the last several months.

Well there you have it, a bonafide blog carnival finally making it to the pages here at If you were linked to in this article please remember to link back and spread a little link love around.

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  1. Vin (3 comments) says:

    The ‘debt kills your sex life’ article is great. Sometimes it’s difficult to step back and realize how your spending habits can affect your personal life, and even your health. It’s time that Americans buckle down and realize they need to cut back in order to have the future they desire.

    • Damon (132 comments) says:

      Hey Vin,

      I am sure Steve will appreciate your vote πŸ™‚

      Yes, money or lack there of, can be a tremendous strain on a relationship.

  2. Get Out of Debt Guy (2 comments) says:

    Thanks for hosting this weeks blog carnival.

  3. Jen (2 comments) says:

    Thanks for including my post about getting outta debt. πŸ™‚

    • Damon (132 comments) says:

      You are welcome Jen,

      Thank you for participating. Please remember to link back to the carnival post and give it some social media love when you have some time.

      The higher we can make the page authority of this article, the more love it will pass back to your individual posts.

    • Joseph (1 comments) says:

      Repayment consists of they styiang open and not using them for new items until they are paid off. Kinda sounds like you should use the money you make to live on and pay more than the minimum on your balances and don’t try to charge anymore at this time. Don’t rob Peter to pay Paul, they will both come after you.

  4. Sonny (9 comments) says:

    I don’t know if you’ve done this before, but I think you should make offering different perspectives a regular feature. Keep it up!

    • Damon (132 comments) says:

      Hey Sonny,

      Actually no, I haven’t hosted a blog carnival before but I have participated in some on other sites. I think I would be willing to host one again.

  5. Jessica Sharkey (1 comments) says:

    Hey Damon,

    These are really good examples and I’ve only recently begun following personal finance news/blogs. Do know of/have written any good articles on managing your student loan debt? For a recent college grad like myself, it would be much appreciated!


    • Damon (132 comments) says:

      Hello Jessica,
      Thanks for dropping by the site. If you head over to my friend Steve Rhode’s site at How To Get Out Of Debt, you will find quite a bit of information regarding student loans.

      Depending on what your situation is, you might want to take a look at the Income Based Repayment (IBR) program.

      You can find information about that on Steve’s site.

  6. Ana (6 comments) says:

    Debts affecting relationships can seem like a trivial thing, but it most certainly isn’t! Steve really nailed it with the title, and the content, but I could go on about this topic for ages!

  7. Jonathan (14 comments) says:

    some great links to articles I read Steve Rhodes’s blog regularly, good choice. Nice to see you hosting a blog carnival