Shred your Credit Card-Make a Video, Enter to win $1,000

Shred Your Credit CardsOn Friday I got wind of a contest at being offered by Lending Club and PerkStreet Financial.  They are asking consumers to shred a credit card in an interesting or creative way and capture a video of the dirty deed.  They are offering a $1,000 first prize to the submitted video which captures the most votes from now until Jan 31st, 2011.  In addition to the grand prize, they will also be giving away approximately $1,000 in secondary cash and gift cards.

You have been telling yourself for a while now that it is time to get out of debt. Well, why not let the possibility of earning $1,000 be the catalyst for unleashing your creative side, going Commando on your credit card and taking the first step toward fiscal responsibility.

Here are the details of the contest:

There are two reasons to participate in the Shred Your Credit Card competition:

• To be a part of a bigger movement — stick to your debt ending resolution alongside other people who are doing the same. Tell the group why you’re dumping your debt and kill a credit card as proof.
• Express your loathing for credit cards by coming up with the most creative shred you can. Show how you part ways with plastic in front of thousands of others dumping debt for the new year and inspire us all.

How to participate in the Shred Your Credit Card competition.

• Cancel a credit card. (Make sure you disguise your credit card number in your video, just to be safe.)
• Film yourself talking about why you’re done dabbling with debt this year, or record the most creative way you can think of to destroy your card.
• Submit your video to
• Vote for yourself EVERY DAY and encourage others to do the same on Facebook and Twitter, or via email.
• Check every Wednesday through the end of January to see if you’ve won a weekly prize.
• Visit on Shred Your Credit Card Day (Jan. 31) to see if you’ve won the GRAND PRIZE ($1,000) or any of the Second Place prizes ($300 each).

All entries are due by Jan 28th, 2011 and will be voted on by Jan 31st, 2011 so don’t wait if you are feeling rather destructive in the new year and would like a crack at that $1,000 prize. Just go to to submit and vote on videos.

About the Contest Sponsors:

Lending Club is an organization that I am very familiar with and have been a fan of for several years.  They have helped many of my clients obtain debt consolidation loans to pay off high interest consumer debts, when traditional banks told them no.  They use a simple yet ingenious concept to help consumers and investors alike.  By cutting out the bank and allowing potential qualified borrowers to be presented directly to individual investors the borrower stands a better chance of getting a loan and the investor can potentially earn a much higher rate of return on their investments.  If you have over a 660 fico score and are in need of a debt consolidation loan (or a loan for any other purpose) of up to $25,000, I recommend you check out what they have to offer.

PerkStreet Financial is an organization that I was not as familiar with but have been impressed with what I have seen in the last few days.  They offer one of the best cash back reward debit cards that I have seen.  The cash back rewards range anywhere from 1% to 5% on your purchases. I also love their large network of Fee Free cash withdrawal ATMs across the country.  Until December 31st, they are offering $25 dollars to anyone who opens an account. You do not change your checking account.  You simply link your existing checking to your Perkstreet account and instead of using your normal debit card and earning nothing, you use your new Perkstreet debit card for cash back rewards on everything you buy.

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