I Received Your Request For A Free Debt Settlement Q and A Session With Me

Please check your email for a message from my assistant Ann Capatino. You can contact her to set up the appointment.

Since I am offering you a free session with me, I have a few requests that I would appreciate if you honored.

1. Ann is an awesome assistant, works really hard and loves to help people. Please respond to her promptly to set up the appointment (or let her know you changed your mind if that is the case) so she does not have to call or email several times to reach you.

2. If you schedule an appointment, that means I set aside that time for you. Please do your best to remember to show up. I understand life happens, and if you cannot make the scheduled appointment, please let Ann know asap so that we might be able to assist another family during that time. If you are a no show, and don’t let us know ahead of time, unless you have a really, really good reason, please do not ask us to reschedule it. I would still be happy to help, but at that point I would require you to set up a paid consult for my normal $247.

Thank you and I look forward to answering any debt settlement questions you have so that you can make an educated financial decision for yourself and your family.

So you can fully appreciate what I am offering here

Just think, you could be getting help from this guy. Pay attention to how much money he just made by enrolling a guy into a settlement program. By the way, that company went out of business just 9 months after the video was published. How happy do you think that client was then?