AttaBoy TASC – Credit When Credit is Due

I was on the TASC website this evening and noticed a news letter issued by TASC Executive Director, David Leuthold.  The letter reads as follows:

Deceptive Marketing
Mar 05, 2010
Letter from TASC Executive Director, David Leuthold
March 5, 2010
Dear TASC member,
I want to bring to your attention a recent increase in companies practicing deceptive marketing;
specifically, they are using letters that resemble government documents to solicit customers. It is
companies like these that hurt the very consumers we are all trying to help and that give our
industry a black eye.
TASC was able to get a hold of some of these marketing pieces. The return address is from
Washington, D.C., with a logo of a judicial-type building. The letters use terms to confuse
consumers such as “U.S. National Debt Relief Plan” and “Consumer Debt Initiative.”
Rest assured, we will do everything in our power to call attention to these deceptive practices
and put these companies out of business. If you encounter any of these marketing pieces or know
of any companies that use them, please let us know immediately.
TASC prides itself on holding its member companies to strict guidelines of operation. This is
why we are, and will continue to be, the leading debt settlement trade association.
David Leuthold
Executive Director
The Association of Settlement Companies

If you have read my previous articles on TASC, then you will know that I certainly don’t agree with everything that they do, but if they are helping to spread consumer awareness about these BS companies pretending to offer Government Backed debt relief, then I am behind them 100% in those efforts.

TASC helping consumersNothing irritates me more to see those commercials that are set up to look like a special news alert, or have the white house or some other government building for a back drop. These ads are so deceptive and misleading that the FTC should be stepping in to remove them from the air.  If any debt settlement company mentions the words government program, or because of the financial crises, banks are forced to do this, or anything along those lines is, it is a red flag, and you can assume from that point on, everything else you are told by that company is simply BS as well.

So TASC, here is an AttaBoy from me.  Now what can you do about your member companies that front load their fees?

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  1. Guy G. (2 comments) says:

    I want to chime in with the atta boy!

    It’s so true that these companies prey on the desperate. They’re stressed out and not thinking clearly, and when such a ‘legitimate looking’ document proposes a solution to their financial woes they jump in face first with their eyes closed thinking someone is going to bail them out.

    If only people would learn tips on budgeting and stay out of trouble, we wouldn’t have to worry about these unethical solicitations. They’d have no power.

    Good luck with the site reno,

    .-= Guy G.´s last blog ..How to Save Money – Tips on Budgeting =-.