Unbiased Debt Advice You Don’t Stand A Snowballs Chance…

As a consumer looking for help with your debt, you are totally screwed.

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  • Credit Counseling
  • Debt Management
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Elimination
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Debt Snowball
  • A Customized Solution
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  • It is enough to make any consumer’s head spin. You need to know the best way to resolve your financial situation. You can’t find anyone who gets paid to help you figure this out. Every person you have found gets paid when they sell you their “solution,” not to spend their time figuring out if what you really need is a “solution” sold by some other company.

    Ever drive to a car dealer and say “I think I need a new car, should I get one from you?” Expecting him to say Nope, the place across the street has better cars at lower prices?

    Call a random debt settlement company and ask them if credit counseling is a better option for you. Then ask a credit counseling company about debt settlement. They will both tell you why the other is a very bad option and enrolling into their program is a much better choice. Calling them for advice is as useless as tits on a bull.

    Watch my interview with Certified Financial Planner Jeff Rose for The Debt Movement.

    Debt Settlement Sales Person

    You Are An Easy Mark

    Consumers in debt are vulnerable to acting on bad advice and outright scams because they are reluctant to ask friends and even family for help or advice. They are in a highly emotional state and sales people play that emotion card like it is going out of style. In many cases it literally is you against a multi billion dollar industry that you don’t fully understand. Like your odds? Want to even them up?

    You and Me vs the entire multi billion dollar industry. Now we’re cooking with gas.

    Everyone, including myself, is trying to sell you something. That is simply how business works. The question is, does what they sell solve your problem? If you don’t already know exactly how to solve your problem, then do you really think calling a debt relief company and asking if you need what they sell is a good idea?

    So What Am I Selling You?

    An hour of my time. What is that worth to you? Well, if you have a debt problem, don’t know exactly how to fix it and who, if anybody, you should hire to help you, then an hour with me is worth a heck of a lot to you. I guarantee you will know the answers to both of those questions by the time we get off the phone.

    Yes, I am offering you a conversation with someone who as been where you are, and also coached thousands of families out of similar circumstances over the last decade.

    If you don’t immediately see the value in that opportunity, it simply means you haven’t started calling debt relief companies and tried to have an educational conversation with the sales person yet.

    Why don’t you bookmark my page, and go spend a few hours doing that. Then when your frustration level gets high enough and you feel like you’ve wasted enough time, you can come back here and request a real consultation with someone who can give you logical answers to your questions. It’s ok, I will be here when you get back.

    Clearly I Think I Am Awesome, But Who The *#%! Cares What I Think?

    Debt HelpOf course I am going to tell you how wonderful I think I am. I am selling you an hour of my time and luckily for you, I am doing a good job.

    That is the point of my entire business model. People are bias toward what they sell. So discount whatever I say about myself, listen to other consumers who have talked to me, do some independent research, and trust your gut.

    When you read and listen to my testimonials I want you to keep two things in mind.

    1. I am just one man. Why do I have more testimonials than most debt relief programs with tens of thousands of clients?
    2. Ever gone to a debt relief company website and found a testimonial about how educational the free consultation with the sales person was? Perhaps that is a clue to what a worthless waste of time they actually are.