Have A Really Smart Friend Tell You What To Do?

That is the easiest way to understand my service. A really smart and experienced friend who will tell you exactly what you need to do right now to solve your problem.

You can try to figure this stuff out on your own, but it is cheaper, faster, and just so much smarter to ask me.

I Charge A Fee For My Consultations

But I don’t cost my clients any money. My help will save you much more than my fee. If you don’t agree, my help is free. Period.

My consultation is the valuable service, not some stupid sales pitch for some other service that you likely don’t need. Think about that logically for a moment. If I charge 5 bucks and prevent you from getting ripped off for 25, how much did I cost?

I charge 247 dollars for a 1 hour telephone consultation plus 30 days of email support to implement my advice and get additional feedback.

Free Debt AdviceMost of you are probably flushing 2 to 3 times that much money down the drain every month on credit card payments and/or student loans. You have the money, it is just a matter of learning how to re-purpose it, and putting it to much better use moving forward.

Those of you who have already spent some time trying to get good advice from sales people will instantly know the value that I am offering. You can go ahead and fill out the form below to request a consultation.

My assistant will follow up within one business day to set up the call. It typically takes 3 to 4 days to get a spot on my schedule. It is worth the wait.

I Offer Hardship Payment Plans

I do offer the option for those in need to pay for the consultation in monthly payments starting with an initial payment as low as only 25 dollars. (Yes, you will speak with me before you make any additional payments. That way I can tell you how to fix your situation and free up the cash flow you need)

I Guarantee My Advice Won’t Suck

While I can’t guarantee that you won’t think my advice sucks. I can guarantee that if you do, I will not only give you all your money back, but will throw in an extra 10% for your hassle of having to endure my sucky advice. How Do You Like Them Apples?

On a more serious note. I will absolutely save you hundreds and more likely thousands of dollars, hours of useless and confusing calls with sales people, tell you exactly how to solve your problem and who if anybody you should hire to help you. If you don’t agree, just send me an email and I will immediately honor my 110% money back guarantee.

You’re in debt, the last thing you need is some guy taking your money and not delivering the promised help. There is no shortage of that in this industry.

*Trust Your Gut On This*

Fill out my online form.

*Your privacy is important to me. The information you submit on this form will only be seen by my assistant and myself and will never be shared or sold to anyone.