Best Debt Settlement CompaniesWhen answering a common client question of “who would I consider to be among the best debt settlement companies,” it is was important to have a clear understanding of the criteria that I feel is important. If you call 100 debt settlement companies and ask them if they are the best program to help you settle your debt, you can bet that every single one will tell you that they are indeed your best option.

The bottom line is that when you ask a sales person a subjective question like that, you can expect that the answer will always coincide with the one that gets them paid. Certainly you can call that frustrating, but I call that “job security” :-).

Luckily your frustrations are about to end, because you just found one of the few people in the debt relief industry who gets paid directly by my clients, not to sell them something, but to protect them from getting sold something when better options are likely available to them.

Who Do I Think Are The Best Debt Settlement Companies?

Personally I prefer that no consumer gets on the phone with a debt settlement sales person or at least doesn’t act on their advice until they have a conversation with me about the best way to resolve their financial situation. That way they will know when they are being told the truth, and when they are just getting a sales pitch. Some might call that bias advice, but I have yet come across anyone that could make a plausible argument that taking financial advice from a sales person made more sense than talking to an independent professional.

That being said. If you are sure that debt settlement is your best strategy and you are sure that you want to hire someone to handle the negotiations vs working directly with the creditor, then I would recommend that you contact Donaldson Williams and/or PCS Debt Relief and compare their service and fees to other programs you may be considering.

Why Do I Like These Two Debt Settlement Companies?

There are a lot of reasons why I recommend these two Debt Settlement programs but here are the highlights:

1. I have known both of the owners for several years and they are honest people.

2. I have never received or found a single complaint about their service.

3. They charge 0 fees until after they settle your debt and have always been performance based debt settlement companies. Most programs only made this switch after an FTC law in 2010 required them to stop charging front loaded fees.

4. They are small companies and only take on a small number of clients at a time so that you receive a personalized service that large volume programs simply can’t provide.

5. Not only are their fees based 100% on performance, but their fees are only about half of what most debt settlement programs charge.

6. They don’t do much advertising if any at all. They have no dedicated sales staff, and instead focus their efforts on helping their clients.

I am sure that there are a few other good debt settlement companies out there, but most of the programs you find on the internet are horrible, and horribly over priced. If you know for sure debt settlement makes sense, you will be glad that you found Donaldson Williams or PCS Debt Relief, if you are not quite sure how to best resolve your situation, I recommend you schedule a telephone consultation with me.